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Ralph and Becky
"We love the Copper Reflective Fireplace Glass. It made a warm and sparkling fire! Even our wine was more enjoyable!!! Thank you."

Zac - Chico
"What a tranquil setting without the hassle of messy clean up, several of my friends and even some members of my family have also made the conversion to fireplace glass since seeing it for the first time in my home."

Mary - San Diego
"I was not there when my husband installed the glass crystals in our fireplace but he called me at work all excited telling me how great the glass gems looked in our fireplace. He pumped it up so much that I thought, really can it be that great, I'm sure he's exaggerating. When I got home from work he had the fireplace lit, honestly it was breathtaking. The glass sparkled and shimmered in the flames. I realized he hadn’t exaggerated at all, I loved it!"

Lupe - Monarch Beach

"After completing the installation the colors and glass patterns that we carefully assembled matched perfectly with the granite surrounds. It looked like art the way the veins and highlights in the granite ran right into and thru the glass crystals. It is beautiful- thank you."

Elizibeth - B.B.B

"Magical, I have never seen anything like it."

Marshal - San Francisco
"I was surprised at how easy fireplace glass was to install. Anyone can do this!"

Nadia - Palm Springs
"I never imagined my fireplace could look so clean and the best part is it stays clean."

Thomas - St Regis
"We put fireplace glass in our outdoor fireplace, every banquet we have our guests are fascinated with the fireplace, we have had many compliments."

Pat - San Jose

"I can’t believe everyone doesn’t have this, eventually I think they will."

Sid - Newport Beach

"Fireplace glass added instant romance and ambience to my home. It is so convenient we use it almost every night."

Anthony - Laguna Beach
"I had recently remodeled and was very pleased with my new look but the only thing I didn't change was the fireplace that looked to me like a burnt hole in the wall. I didn’t know of any alternatives until I was out one night at dinner and I noticed the fireplace, it didn’t have logs in it, instead the fireplace had a mound of what looked like ice or diamonds. I couldn’t believe how clean this looked and knew this is what I needed. I asked the manager and he told me they ordered it from I ordered online and three days later I received my fireplace glass. I had my fireplace all cleaned out and I painted the inside black. After I poured in the glass crystals I added a touch of blue glass on top, it looked like an iced martini, and fireplace glass was definitely the finishing touch in my home."

Nate - Boston
"I can’t believe the heat that the fireplace glass radiates, so much more than the logs I was using before plus now I don’t have to haul logs in every day."


Shipping Cost 
Dollar Value of Order
$4.99 USD
$0.01 -
$9.99 USD
$50.00 -
$14.99 USD
$100.00 - $289.99
$19.99 USD
$290.00 - $499.99
$29.99 USD
and up
* Additional shipping charges apply to Hawaii, Alaska, and outside of the continental U.S. (Canada, etc...)
Payment Methods
To purchase any of our Fire Pit Glass products we accept all of the following forms of payment: Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover credit cards, checks, money orders and PayPal payments. We use PayPal for processing of all credit card orders online. PayPal is secure, accepts all forms of payment (credit cards, echecks or bank account transfers) and requires no account to use.
All In stock items ship within 1 business day from when received. Once shipped expect to see you order within 3-5 business days or less- You may track your order at any time by using our LivePerson feature on our website or by calling our shipping department  toll free at 1-888-433-8245
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