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How Much Fireplace Glass Do I Need?


fireplace glass direct products

"the sparkling alternative to logs"

  • Produces far more heat than logs, volcanic rock, even real wood
  • No Mess Ever - No Smoke, Ashes, or Odor
  • Specially formulated High Heat Glass Crystals
  • Environmentally friendly / No toxic deposit
  • Instant upgrade to any fireplace
  • Clean, Safe, and Affordable

Fireplace Glass crystals are an elegant alternative to messy burnt logs or standard ceramic log systems. Our product is manufactured exclusively for use in gas fireplaces and fire pits, replacing your logs and all the unsightly hardware that goes with them. Once installed, the glass truly resembles diamonds and jewels covering the floor of your fireplace. Light up your night as fire comes up through the glass crystals and dances on top of them, illuminating the contours of the glass and creating a reflective brilliance that is as beautiful as it is mesmerizing!

Fireplace Glass is offered in a variety of colors that can be coordinated to match any style, room or fireplace. On top of it's captivating appearance these glass crystals radiate far more heat then any wood or ceramic log system and are environmentally friendly. Fireplace glass is specially formulated to tolerate extreme temperatures without EVER melting or discoloring so the glass will always look as brilliant as the day it was installed. is the secure source for you to buy the highest quality fireplace products available for less!

Fireplace Glass Size Difference: Diamond Fire Glass is offered in a Huge variety of Vibrant colors and is available in Three different sizes: Crystal, Nugget, and Jumbo.
Reflective vs. Non-Reflective: The difference between our reflective and non-reflective fireplace glass is our reflective fireplace glass has a mirrored edge on one side. This mirrored edge illuminates light as fire dances atop the glass, creating a dazzling effect. In addition, the fireplace glass reflects a beautiful sparkle as sunlight or natural light is cast upon it. Alternatively, our non-reflective fireplace glass has a very tranquil feel to it, pulling light into the glass rather than reflecting light. Both styles are very popular with our customers; the ultimate decision comes down to what effect you are looking for.
Reflective vs. Non-Reflective Fireplace Fire Pit Glass


Shipping Cost 
Dollar Value of Order
$4.99 USD
$0.01 -
$9.99 USD
$50.00 -
$14.99 USD
$100.00 - $289.99
$19.99 USD
$290.00 - $499.99
$29.99 USD
and up
* Additional shipping charges apply to Hawaii, Alaska, and outside of the continental U.S. (Canada, etc...)
Payment Methods
To purchase any of our Fire Pit Glass products we accept all of the following forms of payment: Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover credit cards, checks, money orders and PayPal payments. We use PayPal for processing of all credit card orders online. PayPal is secure, accepts all forms of payment (credit cards, echecks or bank account transfers) and requires no account to use.
All In stock items ship within 1 business day from when received. Once shipped expect to see you order within 3-5 business days or less- You may track your order at any time by using our LivePerson feature on our website or by calling our shipping department  toll free at 1-888-433-8245

Fireplace Glass Crystals
Glass Crystals 1 - Fireplace Glass Direct
Alpine Crystal
Alpine Nugget
Jumbo Diamond
Clear Diamond
Clear Diamond Nugget
Gold Reflective

Glass crystals 2 - Fireplace Glass Direct
Glass crystals 3 - Fireplace Glass Direct
Blue Green
Forest Green
Forest Green
2000 Reflective
Aqua Marine
Turquoise Reflective
Bahama Blue
Bahama Blue Nugget
Platinum X Reflective
Glass Crystals 4 - Fireplace Glass Direct
Bronze Nugget
Bronze Reflective
Gray Nugget
Glass Crystals 5 - Fireplace Glass Direct
Gray Reflective
Smoke Gray
Black Reflective
Midnight Black


pre-mixed crystals

Tuscan Reserve
Costa Azul
Diamond Ice
Blue Ocean Eve
Premixed Fireplace Crystals
Emerald Bay
Northern Lights
Royal Black Ice
Sapphire Garden
Red Nectar
Aqua Dolce
Premixed crystals - Fireplace Glass Direct
Copper Canyon
Shadow Ridge
Crystal Cove
Premixed crystals - Fireplace Glass Direct
Christmas Jewels
Independance Day
Venetian Gold
Gold Mine
Gold Coast


accent crystals

Accent circles - Fireplace Glass Direct Plush Pink Crushed Tempered Glass
Deep Purple
Ruby Red
Honey Crystal Yellow

Child Hearth Gate
Child Hearth Gate


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